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Unable to display this webpart error

first post: mmwheelz wrote: I receive Unable To Display This Web Part, after I insert this on a...

latest post: muhammadnaeemkhan wrote: No extra permission required on the page. but read and write permis...

Detail Reports link is not working

first post: mltrben wrote: Hi,First of all, I have to say this is good Web Part and easy to de...

latest post: muhammadnaeemkhan wrote: Hi,Thanks for appreciate my effortsthe detail report is not yet bee...

Sharepoint Polling Feature Installtaion

first post: AswathAramadaka wrote: Hey,i see there is a source.xsl & parametertxt.txt.. , i would like...

latest post: arisaron wrote: Edited.Disregard. Problem resolved.

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